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The MSDLab Team

The MSDLab relies on an awesome team of researchers, research assistants, and volunteers to explore how listeners perceive and adapt to speech produced by individuals with dysarthria. Meet the MSDLab members below. 


Dr. Kaitlin Lansford

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Associate Professor and MSDLab Director

Dr. Kaitlin Lansford is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Florida State University. Her NIH-funded research examines how listeners perceive and adapt to dysarthric speech. This work aims to advance perceptual training as a viable listener-targeted treatment option for intelligibility disorders in dysarthria. 


Micah Hirsch M.S.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

PhD Student

Micah is currently a PhD student in the School of Communication Science and Disorders at Florida State University.  Overall, their research interests are in speech perception, intelligibility, acoustics, and motor speech disorders. Their current project focuses on individual listener differences in perception of dysarthric speech. The goal of their current project aims to identify impact of different listener factors and how they interact with talker-related factors to impact intelligibility of dysarthric speech.


Audrey Hendrix

Lead Research Assistant

Honors-in-the-Major Student

I recently graduated from FSU's School of Communication Science and Disorders as one of  Dr. Lansford's as one of her Honors-in-the-Major students. I look forward to attending FSU's SLP graduate program in the fall. As Lead Research Assistant, I oversee the day-to-day management of the MSDLab. You can reach me through our Contact page if you have questions. I would be glad to hear from you!


Haley Stout

Research Assistant

I am thrilled to work under Dr. Lansford as one of her Research Assistants in the MSD Lab. I'm a senior in the Communication Science and Disorders program with the goal of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding the lab and I would be happy to assist!


Moriah Bell

Research Assistant

Moriah Bell is a graduate student in the Communication Science and Disorders (CSD) Master’s Program at Florida State University (FSU). She graduated from FSU with a Bachelors of Science in CSD in Spring of 2021. She is excited to be one of Dr. Lansford’s research assistants in the MSD Lab. In this role, she engages with lab participants and aids in measuring perceptions of dysarthric speech.


Caroline Kimball

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Research Assistant

I am currently a rising senior in the Communication Sciences and Disorders major. In the motor speech disorders lab, I help with data collection by recruiting participants and taking them through the lab tests and examinations. I’m so excited to work with Dr. Lansford and all the other lab assistants and data collectors throughout this process!


Lauren Weaver

Research Assistant 

Honors-In-The- Major Student

I am a senior in the FSU Communication Science and Disorders Major. I am so excited to be working with Dr. Lansford as a research assistant in her MSD Lab. I am also an Honors in the Major Student working under Dr. Kim. With Dr. Kim's research and assistance, I am writing a thesis about how Parkinson's Disease affects speech and tongue movement. 


Isabella Martinez

Research Assistant 

I am beyond excited to be working with Dr. Lansford as a research assistant along with my fellow classmates. I am a senior studying Communications Science and Disorders. My goal is to achieve my master's in Speech-Language Pathology. I have a passion to become an SLP and I’m always wanting to learn more!

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