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FSU Motor Speech Disorders Lab

Dr. Kaitlin Lansford, Associate Professor in the School of Communication Science and Disorders at Florida State University, is the Director of the MSDLab .


The work conducted in the MSDLab examines how listeners understand and adapt to speech produced by individuals with dysarthria, a motor speech disorder that arises from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neurological diseases, such as Parkinson disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Dysarthria often results in intelligibility disorders, challenging the listener's ability to understand the speaker's message.


The primary goal of our work is to improve communication with individuals with dysarthria through training the listener to better understand the speaker.


The MSDLab has an ongoing research project investigating the treatment of dysarthic speech through perceptual listening training. Click on the button below to learn more about this study and how you can be involved.

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